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Top 25 Advertising Agencies Minnesota — infographic


Top 25 Advertising Agencies in Minnesota Infographic

What do the top agencies in Minnesota look like?

When I learned that Minneapolis/Saint Paul are considered the sixth most creative cities in the nation, I was interested to look at the ways agencies added to the creative community. This infographic seeks to visualize the scale and opportunities of advertising agencies in the Minneapolis/St. Paul. Here I try to show the relationships of gross billings, total revenue and size of staff. Some key data goes unreported with four of the top six agencies not reporting gross billings. Still, we can see the some interesting themes when paired with data from the creative vitality index in the twin cities. For instance, all five of the top creative occupations are directly influenced by agency business. This gives me another way to really consider the scale and impact of agencies in the Twin Cities.

Twin Cities Business Magazine
Creative Vitality Index

An Overview of Start-up Marketing—Infographic

An overview of start-up marketing

As I continue to build my start-up I have had great conversations with other entrepreneurs about what a start-up needs to market themselves. One lifelong entrepreneur told me he wished he could draw the process. This graphic is my view of what we need to create and manage as we build our businesses. Marketing for start-ups can be overwhelming. This process flow provides both an overview and breaks down marketing into individual actions.

Original content by Carla Januska, inspired by information from Marketing Management, 14e.

Google’s Art Copy Code—that’s what I’m talking about.


Google has been very involved with the intersection of the three disciplines of creative, content and programming, better named Art, Copy & Code. This video encapsulates a vision for this intersection.

I share a passion for projects and ideas that work in this intersection. I believe that marketers don’t yet see the opportunities for this kind of work. It is very future focused. Brands that will take advantage of these intersections will place themselves squarely in the forefront of innovation.

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