Focusing on Hillary and Equality

Hillary and Equality

I agree strongly with a phrase from an article I read in The Nation:

“It’s the inequality, stupid.”

This statement from the closing of “To Beat a Nasty, Brutish Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Will Have to Do Something Different” clarified for me the underlying discontent, anger, and dismay being voiced by so many Americans. Whether they are Hillary advocates (like myself), disaffected Bernie Sander’s supporters, Trump fans, or those looking to third-parties, everyone is troubled by the uneven playing field, manipulation of journalists and traditional media, outrage at the continued abuses of power, and an overwhelming feeling that we are being manipulated and treated unfairly. The American promise that we are all created equal, has been lost.

I believe Hillary Clinton is our best chance and righting these inequities, at creating a fair playing field and addressing the needs of those who need extra help, support, and assistance. Hillary has a long history of working on behalf of those who are underserved and she is a strong proponent of equality.

Hillary on Equality is a page I developed that is devoted to connecting individual demands for fairness, equality, and opportunity to Hillary’s proposed plans and briefings. It links to her website’s specific pages and provides information for those looking for more information. Hopefully, it can provide some concrete, reasoned responses to the issues people are concerned about and can steer conversations away from distractions and petty bickering about things which have no long-term values for America.

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