Dear America, I can see you are afraid right now.

America, I can see you are afraid right now.

You are afraid of white people. You’re afraid of the police. You are afraid of black people. And Muslims. You’re afraid of women. And men. You’re afraid of gays and lesbians and transgender peoples. You’re afraid of people with guns. And you’re afraid of people taking your guns away. You are afraid of the rich. And the poor. You’re afraid of Trump Touters, Bernie Bros. & Hillary Huggers. You’re afraid of Christians. And of Jews.

When we are afraid, we do one of three things: We fight. We flee. Or we freeze. Our challenge is to not do any of these things.

We cannot fight. We cannot flee. And we cannot freeze. We must face our fears head-on. To face our fears, we have to seek out those who we are afraid of and listen to them. And if they are also willing to make America a better place to live, they will listen to us. And as we talk with each other, things will change. Coming together is the only way America gets to have peace and happiness and safety and security — by respectfully listening to each other and learning from each other.

So today, instead of being afraid and fighting with someone on Facebook or running away to escape what’s happening in our country or freezing and pretending nothings going on, instead, try to have a real conversation with someone who is different than you, about what’s really going on. Maybe you’ll learn something. Maybe your fears will lesson and maybe theirs will too.

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