Dear America, I can see you are afraid right now.

America, I can see you are afraid right now.

You are afraid of white people. You’re afraid of the police. You are afraid of black people. And Muslims. You’re afraid of women. And men. You’re afraid of gays and lesbians and transgender peoples. You’re afraid of people with guns. And you’re afraid of people taking your guns away. You are afraid of the rich. And the poor. You’re afraid of Trump Touters, Bernie Bros. & Hillary Huggers. You’re afraid of Christians. And of Jews.

When we are afraid, we do one of three things: We fight. We flee. Or we freeze. Our challenge is to not do any of these things.

Top 25 Advertising Agencies Minnesota — infographic


Top 25 Advertising Agencies in Minnesota Infographic

What do the top agencies in Minnesota look like?

When I learned that Minneapolis/Saint Paul are considered the sixth most creative cities in the nation, I was interested to look at the ways agencies added to the creative community. This infographic seeks to visualize the scale and opportunities of advertising agencies in the Minneapolis/St. Paul. Here I try to show the relationships of gross billings, total revenue and size of staff. Some key data goes unreported with four of the top six agencies not reporting gross billings. Still, we can see the some interesting themes when paired with data from the creative vitality index in the twin cities. For instance, all five of the top creative occupations are directly influenced by agency business. This gives me another way to really consider the scale and impact of agencies in the Twin Cities.

Twin Cities Business Magazine
Creative Vitality Index

The importance of being with like-minded visionaries


It’s been a month since Eyeo Festival and I have been reflecting on the importance of attending events like this. Many speakers and attendees felt Eyeo was something special, something different from other conferences. Paola Antonelli opened the first night expressing how much she had wanted  to attend Eyeo, to attend something unique, something in which people are deeply talking, seeing and listening to each other. The content was impressive but the interactions and connections were even more so. I credit Wes Grubbs, Jer Thorp and Dave Schroeder for truly encouraging and even insisting that attendees meet and connect with one another.

I adored that the speakers stuck around, encouraged each other and reached interacted with others attendees. The flattening of the superstar-factor helped everyone to envision how data vis and can grow into something bigger than just the next hot thing. Inspired by the excellence of the speakers, the outstanding nature of the work and the deep desire to collaborate, I left Eyeo feeling committed to doing a deeper examination of my own work, my own methods and my own ideas about what data visualization encompasses.

Isn’t that what conferences are for?

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