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Focusing on Hillary and Equality

Hillary and Equality

I agree strongly with a phrase from an article I read in The Nation:

“It’s the inequality, stupid.”

This statement from the closing of “To Beat a Nasty, Brutish Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Will Have to Do Something Different” clarified for me the underlying discontent, anger, and dismay being voiced by so many Americans. Whether they are Hillary advocates (like myself), disaffected Bernie Sander’s supporters, Trump fans, or those looking to third-parties, everyone is troubled by the uneven playing field, manipulation of journalists and traditional media, outrage at the continued abuses of power, and an overwhelming feeling that we are being manipulated and treated unfairly. The American promise that we are all created equal, has been lost.

Dear America, I can see you are afraid right now.

America, I can see you are afraid right now.

You are afraid of white people. You’re afraid of the police. You are afraid of black people. And Muslims. You’re afraid of women. And men. You’re afraid of gays and lesbians and transgender peoples. You’re afraid of people with guns. And you’re afraid of people taking your guns away. You are afraid of the rich. And the poor. You’re afraid of Trump Touters, Bernie Bros. & Hillary Huggers. You’re afraid of Christians. And of Jews.

When we are afraid, we do one of three things: We fight. We flee. Or we freeze. Our challenge is to not do any of these things.

Why I’m for Hillary

Hillary for president


Months of guidebooks and google maps are finally going to pay off as we embark on our excellent adventure. I’ve wanted to see the medieval and gothic cathedrals of France, the chateaux of the Loire, the Flemish masters of Belgium and Mont San Michel forever. We’ll be wandering around but not in, Paris. As we circle the city, counterclockwise, I’m looking forward to days of not knowing where or what or how, but to soak in the beauty and the culture. I’ll butcher le langue francais as I go, but I’ll try my best not to. I’ll take a thousand or so photos, maybe some video, jot some things down here and soak up as much as Flemish and French-Ness as possible. We’ll gather our list of things we love that we want to continue at home, so that our trip changes our life back home too. And we’ll bring home lots of stories about mishaps, close calls, surprises, mistakes, gifts and grace. Because that’s why we travel, after all.

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